Father’s day

Fruits de Mer

Treat your dad to a delicious Fruits de Mer at Breakers Beach House. The team is happy to welcome you and your dad to our Beach House.


Whiskey is the key to a happy dad

Surprise your dad with a delicious Whiskey at the Van Diepeningen Lounge. Come and enjoy to the full in the Van Diepeningen Lounge with its cosy, unique lounge atmosphere. The Van Diepeningen Lounge is ready to provide you with a delicious afternoon drink or pour an evening drink.


Swedish treatment provided by MC Wellness

This year, Father’s Day is all about relaxation. The specialists at MC Wellness would like to invite your father for the special Swedish massage with head massage (including pressure points for relaxation). Experience a moment of relaxation and totally unwind during this relaxing 70-minute massage. (€131 per person, 70 minutes).


Lunch at La Terrasse

Treat your father to a delicious lunch at La Terrasse that will be dominated by the white gold, or asparagus. Not a lover? Then enjoy the revamped a la carte menu.


Enjoying at star level

On Sunday June 30th, Kenny Friederichs of Latour* and Yornie van Dijk of Basiliek* will cook the stars at this edition of Sunday Vibes. Surprise your father with a gastronomic lunch. It’s a 2-week wait, but it will be well worth it.

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Patisserie Huis ter Duin

Did you know that the Patisserie in Huis ter Duin offers artisanal treats and sweets for Father’s Day? Check out the variety of flavours in the patisserie’s collection and taste the deliciousness. Surprise your father with a treat full of flavour.


Gift voucher from Huis ter Duin and its facilities

An always good idea are gift vouchers from Huis ter Duin and its facilities. So your father can enjoy them at a time that suits him. The gift vouchers are easy to order via the button at the bottom of the page.

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Published: 2 April 2024
Father’s day
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