12. Responsible consumption and production


Partner Activity: Ecocreation develops innovative systems that convert organic waste products into compost on site. With different partners, they aim to a sustainable world and a cicular economy.

Contribution: Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin has invested in an Ecocreation composter. With this machine, the food waste will be recycled into compost. Inside the machine, the biodiversity of micro-organisms that transform organic material into compost is impaired. This high quality natural compost can be used for, for example, fertilise the soil of suppliers.


The Good Roll

Partner Activity: Worldwide there are 2.3 milliard people who do not have excess to safe and clean toilets, that is one third of the world population. Furthermore, 270.000 trees are felled every day for the production of toilet paper. Therefore The Good Roll has been created, an initiative to tackle both problems. The mission of The Good Roll is: safe and clean toilets for everyone! Also, the Good Roll gives 50% of the net profit to build toilets in different countries in Africa. The Good Roll also makes toilet roll from recycled paper, making it 100% tree-friendly.

Our contribution: Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin replaces the “normal” toilet rolls with the toilet rolls from The Good Roll.


Refundable bottles

Partner Activity: From 1 July 2021, the Dutch Government decided to add a €0,15 deposit on small plastic bottles. In this way, supermarkets are encouraged to reuse these plastic bottles, thus reducing litter. A refundable bottle has a deposit logo on the label. When returning a refundable bottle, the barcode must be easy to scan, the bottle must be undamaged and in its original shape. In addition, preferably the cap is still on, so that it can also be recycled.

Our contribution: Since today, refundable bottles can also be returned at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. The bottles can be deposited in the predestined tonnes in the hotel. However, only the small 0,5L plastic bottles can be handed in. The deposit of the bottles then goes to MadeBlue. For every 0,5L bottle, 500L of water is realised in developing countries.


Peeze Coffee

Partner Activity: Peeze believes that coffee can only be as good as its production process is. The company, with respect for the famers and the environment, produces coffee that does not harm the planet. From the coffee-plantations in South America and Africa, to the local roaster in Arnhem,  Peeze works together with the farmers to be involved in the production process as much as they can. The company believes that coffee could be and should be more sustainable. They work as climate-neutrally as possible in order to achieve this.

Our contribution: Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin supports Peeze by serving around 500.000 cups of their coffee per year. In this way, we can contribute towards the world of tomorrow.


Noordwijk tea

Partner ActivityNoordwijk tea is a blend based mainly on Noordwijk herbs. The Noordwijk Tea consists of lemongrass, marigold, mint, verbena, lemon balm, licorice plant, chamomile, sage, fennel, hyssop and malva. It fits in with Noordwijk, where we live with the seasons and enjoy local products as much as possible. It fits into a healthy lifestyle where we live consciously.

Our contribution: Huis ter Duin sells Noordwijkse Tea. The Tea will be served in our restaurants.

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12. Responsible consumption and production
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