14. Life under water

Plastic free Terrace

Partner Activity: Plastic free Terrace is an organization which encourages catering businesses to get rid of single-use plastic. These kind of plastics are light and blow away easily. This waste then ends up on the beach and in inland waters.

Our contribution: The terraces of Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin are single-use plastic free. In the spring of 2021, items such as plastic straws, honey sticks, mashers and milk cups, were replaced with sustainable solutions.

If single-use plastics are not being used again, it cannot land on the beach and in the inland waters anymore.


Commodity Beachcombers

Partner Activity: Grondstofjutters (Commodity Beachcombers) focuses on setting up and/or organising projects that put the principles of the circular economy into practice.

Our contribution: In cooperation with Grondstofjutters, we encourage walkers to collect plastic with a jute bag on the beach. Walkers can pick up their jute bags at various beach pavilions, including Breakers Beach House. When handing in a full bag, they will receive a homemade chocolate bar. Breakers Beach House will process the waste.

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin also supports initiatives such as Plogsack and the Beach Clean Up tour by providing an overnight stay during their tour.

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14. Life under water
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