I love my pet

Dear Guest,

A warm welcome to pet owners and dogs. What a bliss, to walk the beach with your dog. Let your faithful friend frolic around and conquer the wave breakers while you enjoy the nice and fresh sea air. And afterwards you can both cool down in one of Noordwijk’s dogfriendly locations.

First of all, we would like to welcome you and your pet in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. There is some information worth knowing. Please also note the services we offer to optimize your stay and that of your pet.

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin has reserved the third floor in our Grand Hotel especially for our guests who want to bring their pet.

  • The additional charge for your stay with a pet is €47,50 per night in a Deluxe or Deluxe Large room with a maximum of two pets. The additional charge for a stay on a Suite is €62,50 per night with a maximum of two pets.
  • We have reserved a room on the third floor which is reserved for our guest who are traveling with a pet.
  • As one of our standards we have removed the cover of your bed. If you wish to keep it please contact the Housekeeping department.
  • You will find special pet towels in your room which will be refreshed daily. If you need more towels please let our housekeeping department know.
  • The room is provided with a water and food bowl, a fluffy cushion and a treat for your dog. You will also find a letter to fill in your dog’s name for his future personal guest file.
  • We kindly request you walk your dog only outside the hotel grounds. From the 1st of September until the 1st of June you can have a wonderful walk down the beach.
  • From the 1st of June until the 1st of September the municipality of Noordwijk does not allow any pets on the beaches in front of the boulevards. However, you are allowed to walk your dog at the end of the Koningin Astrid Boulevard. We are happy to indicate the exact location.
  • If necessary we can walk the dog for you. The costs are EUR 15.00 for a walk of approximately 20 minutes. More information can be obtained from the concierge at extension 1290.


Pets are not allowed in our outlets. Although it is not allowed we have created some possibilities so that you can still enjoy our service and take the pet with you.

  • in the bar-area and in the first lounge-area of our Van Diepeningen Lounge;
  • Breakers Beach House is reviewing options to welcome dogs to its restaurant from November 1st 2023 till December 22nd 2023. Your four-legged friend is welcome with these guidelines. In January 2024, the results will be discussed with the teams and if necessary, adjustments will be made to the dog policy based on the findings. No rights can be derived from this test phase;
  • in the lobby of the hotel;
  • on all terraces (with the exception of the Breakers Beach House from the 1st of June until the 1st of September);
  • on the outside of the terrace with the lounge sets;
  • in the foyer in front of the breakfast restaurant, if your owner would like to have breakfast with us;
  • restaurant Copper: terrace only.

Throughout the whole hotel and its surrounding grounds your dog needs to be on a leash.

We hope that you and your pet will enjoy your stay in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin and if we can assist you in any way please do not hesitate to contact us.

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I love my pet
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